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Flame Roasted Whole Green and Red Chile and New Mexican foods.

Green Chile, Red and Pintando Chile. Whole Flame Roasted Frozen Chiles from 2017 Harvest! 10lbs and 5lbs. Fresh chili peppers. Shipping included in Prices.

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We are among the VERY few who roast and process these fine New Mexico Chiles WHOLE! We use the BIG commercial roasters and flame roast our Chiles, sweat/steam them, then package them in 1 pound freezer bags and freeze them solid in -20 below zero freezers.  Our Chiles keep their flame roasted peels on them, so as to protect the "meat" of the Chiles from any freezer burn and this process also keeps in the thin layer of flavor between the Chile and it's skin. The peels slide off relatively easy when thawed.  Watch Chiles roasting on YOUTUBE.

Get the full flavor and taste of New Mexico Chile, by using  NMC's pristine, flame roasted Chile in ALL your recipes, not a tub of water and tasteless chopped up Chiles. 


Green Chile Enchiladas.  We have a killer recipe for making Green Chile enchiladas.  Home made is the only way to go.  Dump that canned stuff and go NATURAL.

Posole and Red Chile!! Keep warm all winter. We have DRY natural POSOLE', dried outside the Old Fashioned Way. Our RED Chile pods and powder all come from the HATCH Valley in New Mexico. So does our GREEN Chile powder. Stock up now and keep yourself and your body warm and healthy all these cold days.

Our shipping policy is to ship within 7 working days on ground orders. Frozen Chiles ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. Seasonal delays may occur also in the fall. If faster shipping is needed please contact us and let us know and we can work it out. | Promote Your Page Too


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